Advanced Overhead rank help

I’d like to make an overhead rank system that is incredibly advanced, for example, can rank players and show instead of their rank it would say “RANKED” (that would come in handy for interviews or promoting users in groups). Also, you can change the name of their overhead rank, for example, instead of Trainee, it would say whatever you have set it to. I have seen this been in use before in places like Venti and I am very confused on how to go about making one myself.

I personally script UI’s and design them, so it’s not a problem for me designing and positioning the rank over their head.

I have looked over and over from places but I cannot find anywhere with advice on how to create one.

Thanks in advance


Some things you’d need to do:

  • A script which will clone a pre-made BillboardGui into characters’ RootPart or Head (or anything really) upon the character being added
  • A local script which will continuously check the LocalPlayer’s rank (local script needed so that 1) there is not 1 server script running an function on every user continuously and 2) so that you can get updated rank information) and, if it detects a change from the original rank, it will fire a RemoteEvent which is handled by the server that will change the player’s GUI to say “RANKED.”
  • A ScreenGui where you can open a TextBox, in which you can type a player’s name and what you want to change the GUI text to. Upon hitting enter or the textbox losing focus, a remote event will be fired (passing along the player name and textbox text) which the server will handle by changing the desired player’s GUI text to the specified text.

Just use admin to name them, you can slightly edit it to make the name text bigger and there you go, custom overhead ranks admins can give and change.

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The overhead rank replaces the name, so naming them wouldn’t appear.

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