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Hello, my name’s Bilal, I am an advanced scripter who is capable of doing much more than just scripting. I can build, design GUIs, make rudimentary animations, etc. Keep in mind, I will do these extra things as an accessory to my scripts, so don’t try to hire me to build something without scripting anything. I try to complete every job that is given to me in a timely manner.

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Graphical Work

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Map for Kriegspiel (Wargame)



Galactic Supremacy

April 2, 2020 - August 24, 2020 (All scripting done by me as well as graphics, except for thumbnail) - Involvement ended, game has effectively finished development.

Nebula: Galactic Supremacy [ALPHA] - Roblox


May 15, 2020 - June 25, 2020 (The menu GUI has been scripted by me, note I did not design it, and the leaderboards have been scripted by me as well) - Involvement ended, the game has effectively finished development.

Marre - Roblox

City of New Brussles

August 1, 2020 - August 20, 2020 (All scripting done by me except for the guns and the vehicles) - Involvement ended, game has effectively finished development.

City of New Brussels - Roblox

Hawaii Story

August 26, 2020 - Sep 8, 2020 (All scripting done by me except for a few minor elements like the NPC non collision script) - Involvement ended, resigned

🌋 Hawaii 😎 [Story] - Roblox

Operation Overlord

Sep 20, 2020 - Jan 21, 2021 (Character class selection and character customization) - Involvement ended, resigned

Operation Overlord - Roblox

Kriegspiel (Wargame)

Aug 20, 2020 - Sep 1, 2021 (All work will be done by me) - Involvement ended due to school

Kriegspiel (Wargame) Pre Alpha - Roblox

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Basic Understanding
  • CFrames
  • Any complex math
Advanced Understanding
  • Datastores
  • Events/Remote Functions
  • Tweening/Lerping
  • Raycasting
  • Bodymovers/Constraints
  • Particles/Trails/Beams
  • Hit detection systems
  • GUIs
  • Functions/Tables/Variables
  • Coroutines
  • Anti-Exploit
  • OOP

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I’ll be available for around 4 hours or so per day. My time zone is EST.

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I can take a percentage as payment, depending on the work I will have to do. It can range from 30% to 50%, but you must prove to me that your game idea is solid and you have the means to make it. Or, I can take a flat fee, a percentage of which must be paid in advance (Negotiable). The fee can range from around 5K to 50K depending on what you want me to do.

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You can contact me through my discord: Bilal1944#0822

Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions on anything I should change feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

– Portfolio updated April 26, 2022


Looks solid! Hope you work to get where you want to be. : D

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Thanks, I hope the same for you.

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