**advanced scripter needed**

So like, I had a bunch of scripters that would either just dip when I commissioned them or leave me with a ton of bugs. I have this deadline for my game and it’s approaching soon and fast. Pretty much all of my scripters gave up on me, so now I am looking for new ones.

What I need
So like my game is technically all done. However, there are a ton of bugs. Such as TDM points not working, starfighter lock-on for missiles just not working. Honestly, just play the game and you’ll see exactly what I mean https://www.roblox.com/games/4920761042/Top-Fighter-PRE-ALPHA (make sure you buy a ship). You may even find more bugs in there, I just need them all fixed.

Anywhere from $50-$100 (or more) USD.

2 weeks.


I can help you, we can contact here in the developer forum.

if you have discord, that would help out a lot

Yeah I do, its just for safety.

send me a friend request on disc

Oh nevermind, I changed my mind.

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