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Hi there! I am Super (or Hello Darkness) and I have been scripting for about 2 years now. I have always had a passion for scripting, and I am currently available and looking for some commissions to fund some of my upcoming games. Enjoy reading! :slight_smile:


Here are some examples of my work! Please note that some of these are actually quite old. I have more examples on me, you can contact me for more examples. Apart from scripting, I can do some decent gui work, such as my Advanced roblox scripter banner on the top of my portfolio. You can look through some of my work, the guis shown were made by me.

Things I am capable of making, but not limited to

Remote events
UI work and scripting
Trading systems
Quest system
Weapons systems
Shop systems
Daily reward systems
Code systems

If you have any doubt of whether i can make something, please do not hesitate to ask me. I can show you more work on request.

Commissions I have done so far
Heal when kill + award points based on how many people are alive

test - Roblox

I made this in about an hour maybe a bit more, Basically if you kill someone you get 25 health. A lot of people seem to want something like this, and i can provide an already working script then make modifications to what you may want. Also, there is a point system, the more people there are on the alive team the less points it will give. You can check it out with a friend.

A system that, if you purchase a gun it will give you a random gun. Uses proximity service.

gun test - Roblox

I made this as for someone who needed a gun system and a devproduct system. It uses proximity service and market place service to create a nice random gun system.

A kill NPC for cash script

Screen Recording 2021-03-24 at 6.15.12 - Google Drive

I made this script pretty quickly, where if you kill an NPC it can give you cash. I can also do this for players, where if you kill a player it will give you cash. Sorry for the link, this post is running out of space so i can’t post videos. :frowning:

A nice teleport gui script

Screen Recording 2021-03-24 at 6.17.58 - Google Drive

I made this script quite quickly too. I used tweening and some other things to create a nice teleport screen with teleporters. Again, sorry about the link

A Rebirth system i did with a gui i designed

Screen Recording 2021-03-27 at 8.25.49 - Google Drive

Like i said, i am definitely not the best at designing guis, i have done better, but still not that high of a standard. However, this is a nice rebirth system i made :slight_smile:

A random NPC spawning system, it will randomly spawn NPCs across the map

Screen Recording 2021-03-28 at 11.25.45 - Google Drive

Another thing i did as a part of a project, it spawns NPCs randomly across a map. It can also have a maximum number of NPCs on a map at a time, so when it reaches a certain number, e.g 20, it will stop.

I made a system where an NPC will follow you if you get within a certain range

Screen Recording 2021-03-28 at 11.27.23 - Google Drive

You can have it at any range, maybe it will only start following you when you are very close, can be changed. I can also make the move around randomly when they are not following a player.

A global leaderboard I made

Screen Recording 2021-05-02 at 8.04.10 pm

I can’t really prove this is a global leaderboard through this recording, so if you want proof please contact me and I can give you a link so you can test it out yourself.

Games I have worked on

Prison Adventure 💸 - Roblox

A game I worked on with 5 million visits. I made things like the bounty system including the bounty board, the car buying system, the gun buying system, the menu screen, and much much more,

Some reviews I have gotten

Things I am not that great at doing

Anime skills or magic skills (It seems a lot of people are in need of these, I am doing my best to learn!)
Webhooks (Also learning, but for now I’m not great at this stuff


I am available about 1-2 hours on week days and 2 - 3 hours on weekends. You can contact me for more info.


Personally, I don’t really like setting a price. But I can set a base price for us to negotiate off of. Here are some prices:

Small projects - 1k - 3k (I will not be accepting anything below 1k, unfortunately.)
Medium Projects - 3k - 5k
Large Projects - 5k - 10k

Please note I do not take percentages, and I am also not looking for a long term position.


You can contact me right here on the devforum (pm me) or on discord: Hello Darkness#5088

I will reply within 1 hour if I am not asleep. Otherwise, please allow up to 12 hours.

Some Terms and Conditions:

  1. I have the right to decline any project or commission given to me. This could be because of a specific rule broken, or if you were rude, or maybe it is that I do not have enough time to complete your commission.

  2. I may request for up to 40% of the total agreed amount. This is to prevent scams and people who ghost me after hours of work. If you absolutely cannot give a downpayment, I at least expect a video recording of your funds,

  3. Please do not rush me or be rude. Either of these could lead to me declining your commission. If I decline your commission for this reason, you will not be refunded (If it is because of me that I am declining, I will refund you)

  4. After I give you the file, there can be no refunds.

  5. I will not accept anything under 1k, please do not ask. I am sure there are many other scripters who can help you.

Thanks for reading. I look forward with working with you!!! :slight_smile:


Hello from the Bloxugan team!

Hi I’m Sparkatic and Co-owner of Bloxugan, I’ve read your post and noticed you weren’t interested in any long term jobs. Although me and my team have been looking for a experienced scripter for some time now who is capable of what you can do.

If at anytime you are interested or would consider long term position with our team let me know as I know that isn’t something you are looking for at the moment.

Aside from long term, our team might be interested in hiring you for commissions, you can contact me or our other Co-Owner on discord for more information about that as well.

Contact: Sparkatic#1876 or ChaseKoala#5569


Hello! I have updated my portfolio and I am currently accepting a long term position! I have sent requests to both discord tags, so we can chat there :slight_smile:

Hey! I saw that your looking for a long term team and I’m here to take you up on that offer. If your interested I added you on discord. My tag is the same as my user.

I can’t seem to find you! Make sure you have the “Hello” in front. It seems to be a common mistake. Or just copy and paste the tag :slight_smile:

Edit: I sent you a friend request instead. :slight_smile:

I have also added you for a long term/mid term position.

Hi there, I have a small - medium commission for you. I added you on discord

Helllo, I have a small commission for you. I added you on discord! polar#8858

Looking for a few small commissions to get done! Contact me if you need anything! :slight_smile:

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It is lockdown again in my city :frowning: But anyways I can complete commissions much faster now just shoot me a message here or on discord :slight_smile:

I originally wanted to hire Superexperiencedguy, however, with looking at his profile very briefly it is obvious to me that he is a scammer.

If you go to his profile, you will find a showcase of a game named Overtaken. The roblox link is here:

Here are some photos of his game so you don’t have to physically go into it yourself:


Now, if we go into the game named Limitless RPG: (Made by @Narrakin and @LiteWaffle)

You’ll notice some striking similarities between the two games.

Limitless RPG

Conversation I had with him on Discord:

Anyways I’m glad I followed my gut and did a quick search on his profile, as I had a weird feeling about him when I looked at his Roblox profile. You can smell a scammer a mile away.

Stay safe! If he was truly able to script, I don’t know what would possess him to steal a famous game and play it off as a commissioned build. It is obviously possible that this individual got scammed out of a build, but that doesn’t explain the models/UI/animations etc. It isn’t just the build that is stolen, the entirety of Limitless RPG is stolen and passed off as his work.

As I am nosy, I went to his profile and found a separate post about his commissions. He received this reply:

It is very apparent that this individual has taken scripts from multiple different sources and claimed it as his own, as this is a repeat offense according to his other commission post.


Hey it says invalid can you add me Irshad#7829