Advanced Server Settings (or at least their improvement)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to join a server which meets our expectations.

Some of those ideas might have been posted in the past, but my idea is a bigger one.

I will use a story that has happened for real, from my own experience.

  • As you can see, I’m from Europe - I have joined a random Jailbreak server. Everything was okay, but then… HUH? BRAZILIANS?! IN MY SERVER? WHAT?!
  • While playing Phantom Forces, I got assigned to a server with my friend. Sadly, I had 254 ping (SHIFT + F3). It was annoying for him (his performance got affected as well), so he had to change the server.
    Back in 2008, I had no serious latency issues.

Games were playable, what has happened?

We need to have advanced server settings for personal experience. A lot of games do that.

Example setting list
  • Server Region: North America / Asia / Europe (…) - Picking our favorite region, right?.
  • Min. Ping: Any value you input
  • Max. Ping: Same as above
  • Prioritize Friends’ Servers: On/Off - I don’t always want to join my good old friend.
  • Languages: English, Russian, Portugese (…) - I will admit, It’s hard to communicate with Spanish people when I don’t speak Spanish.

Maybe implement some options for developers as well!

It would significantly improve my experience while playing. Trust me, the game is becoming bigger and bigger. There’s many players worldwide now.


There’s uh… nothing there?

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Sorry, I posted too fast. It is now there.

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Welcome to my world. I can’t get into a single server without the entire chat speaking Spanish or Portugese. I’ve had to learn a small amount of portugese just to tell people to leave me alone. No I am not “alguem br”.

I completely stand by this feature request.


So much support on this. I keep unfriending people just to avoid getting into their servers.

Also yeah, it’s pretty annoying to join a game as large as Jailbreak and see everyone speaking Portuguese. I’m from the east coast of the United States- you can’t tell me that there’s no better server available.


Agreed, support up to 900%… wait wha-