Advanced Terrain cause lag on game? Is a good method?

I saw a video about advanced Terrain, i think was only normal terrain but more smooth, but i was wrong, that use a plugin to make terrain using parts.

As you will see in the video, the plugin connects in the middle Parts to make those curves that would have on the terrain, it also separates, moves according to the other part, it is entirely to make maps without using Terrain (which LAG also)

But that is a good idea? Since use a lot of parts, and make union on all parts, and people said union lag and have a terrible collision.


Depends on the style of the game, although, I would not personally recommend this.

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Depends on how big you want your terrain to be and how much parts you are going to put into your terrain.

I have used that method before in a few of my builds it won’t necessarily hurt your performance as long as you make sure your part count is under control.

Otherwise it would take a while for the computer to load all those parts before the play joins the game, and some people may have PC’s which cannot run games with that amount of parts.

I would just try it out and play around with it and see what works and what doesn’t. :hugs:

It is not a good idea for really long terrain spaces, you could do an stress test of roblox to test its limits if you want!

check my tutorial:

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That put a lot of triangules, dont lag? My map is big

Also people said that i cant use Sculpt Mode on blender that create a lot of triangules

Decimate it, lol the more decimations the less triangles, still as i said this is for you to test the limits of your idea, not an actual workaround for your problem, i have myself used it for projects in the past tho.