Advanced Translator. Intermediate VideoEditor, VFX, GFX, SimMaps Builder, Scripter

About Me

Hey guys! I am a person that was interested by a lot of things and became pretty much intermediate in them.
I am a really good youtube video editor
I am also a Translator, that can translate from and into these languages: Arabic, French and English. Translation is the thing that I am PERFECT at.

Make Intermediate Scripts
Make Intermediate Animations
Make Intermediate GFX
Make good sim maps with asset packs or with your models.

DM me on Discord and I can show you what I can do.

I am available whenever I come back from school.

Looking forward to work in projects that pay 400R$+ (Tax covered). Prices are negotiable, I only accept Robux at the moment. If the work is long term, I would like to get paid by tasks.

Contact me on Discord: NewClashOfClan#7141
I use Discord all of the time so it is really preferred.

Thanks for reading! :grinning:

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