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About Me

Hello There. I’m Andrew, from Russia. A 15 year old guy with 1-year of experience in UI designing. Worked in 2 studios as long - term. Have experience with working in a team.


Some of my Works (old and new)


I’m available 3 - 4 Hours per day. My timezone is GMT +10.

Prefer long-term, but tasks can be accepted.


Prices are variable, but mostly cheap. To get more info about payment you can talk about it with me on Discord


Discord - Glick#4819
Or here in DevForum

Thanks for reading and having an interest! :slight_smile:

This portfolio is pretty good, you may want to add in a base price or a starting price so that people know your pay but i guess it depends, also The ui is a bit basic its just UI bars with a bunch of icons which i think ive seen before in create (decals) and or google (i apologies if I’m wrong)

although i do understand this: Some of my Works (old and new)

thanks for the reply and some advice, gonna work on my mistakes !!!