Adventure Quest - RPG Game

hi robloxians,
can i get please some feedback about my new game?
game link:
all the stuff that you doing inside the game is at the description.
thanks for the feedback.


I love the game, and I can see myself playing this in the future. However, here are a few things I dislike. This might be just me but I don’t like when you move your camera it moves your robloxian. Another thing I don’t like is there isn’t much to do, you just fight monsters and get better weapons. Maybe add a new part to the map and when you become a bigger level, you can unlock new sections and have quests you have to do. Great start, I look forward to playing this game in the future.

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i will add dungons that you able to unlock with your rank. about the camera i will add settings and one of the options there will be auto rotate player.

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Oh, that seems super cool! I’ll be sure to play it when it comes out!

First of, when I clicked the game, the thumbnail was a bit broken. To fix this, check your size of the image and re scale to the correct size, 1920x1080!

Next, delete the decal on the spawn and change the blocks transparency to one and turn of can-colide.

Also, when I was fighting the goblins with the sword the upgrade GUI popped up on my screen.

Next, change the music when your fighting maybe. It is quite joyful for fighting. :joy:

Finally, try and make the camera free to look around without it moving the player!
robloxapp-20200628-2057413.wmv (2.1 MB)

But, the game terain design is perfect, keep it up!


i changed the SpawnLocation and the game background music.

The game looks very good so far and I like the terrain of it but i’m experiencing some bugs such as the sword gui kept popping up whenever I started to fight the goblins and my animation was beginning to bug out whenever I rotated my character, other than that keep up the good work and good luck! :+1:

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animation got fixed! :slight_smile: @H1_Q

Awesome, could you also make it so that the enemies spawn in various locations individually or in pairs so that they don’t just get cluttered into 1 spot?

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enemies will get some changes soon. i will bring them all into dungons and there will be no enemies at the spawn world.

Looking forward for the next update, I personally really like the development of the game so far and I could see myself playing it in the future, best of luck!


I see you’re using Chrythm’s RPG kit, and it looks like several parts of the ui is missing. I’d also recommend not putting Loud music for the first world.