Adventure Sound Effects - Free, Pre-Uploaded Assets

Hey there,

I’m Myth6Audio, but I usually go by Mith. Recently I’ve been putting together some adventure game-themed sound effects for the community. All of the sound effects are 100% free, and are uploaded to Roblox.

I just uploaded some of these so sorry if they haven’t been approved yet.

There are 9 assets so far but I would love to add more in time. I hope these help you in all of your awesome experience design pursuits.

If you use any of these assets in your game, please consider optionally donating by buying this pass. These sounds cost me hundreds of Robux to upload, and if I can get a few donations, I’ll probably create and upload some more.

Hope you all are having a great day :slight_smile:.

Tell me what you all think! Also if you have any requests for upcoming audio, comment below.



I’d assume these are all not copyrighted (they weren’t ripped from a copyrighted movie)?

If they aren’t copyrighted then thanks, I always needed a gunshot and knife sound effect!


Why are all of these models and not audios?

Do you think if these audios are “Fishy”?

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they seem sus to me im not using

Yea, I feel that they are not safe. I’m not using em’ too…!

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That’s a bit weird, seems like he just took the audios from the toolbox and made them into a model so it’s on his profile.

These are cool, but I don’t understand why you’d add them as Free Models instead of regular Audios.


These are all uncopyrighted assets, all are at your disposal to use 100% guilt-free. None of them came from a copyrighted movie, film, or game.

Pretty sure this is audio, but I might be wrong considering this is the first time I’ve put something into the library before.

All sound effects are either totally free, or are licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). But if you still feel unsafe, no one’s forcing you to use them.

Very happy to hear these will be helpful to you :slight_smile:.

All the assets you linked in your posts are models not audio, this is why I thought this.

provide a link to the license

This means we must give attribution with a link to the licence, but isn’t this not possible because of Roblox’s strict link rules?

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I don’t believe you would have to, given as 4.0 only requests that you do it.

But to avoid consternation, I removed the only effect licensed under 4.0, which was the snake hiss.

Also just fixed the audios being models problem.

Great audios Mith! If I ever want to make an adventure game I’ll know where to go.

For those of you who think the audio is sketchy or something, I have worked with this guy before and can vouch for him. He wouldn’t try to do anything suspicious.


Hey, here’s a short notification sound, its not related to adventure necessarily but if you want to use it you can Audio/Notification Sound - Roblox.

I would say that this is incorrect. The phrase ‘Dead men tell no tales’ was around long before the movie came out. This is a voice actor synthesizing and filtering his vocals. So while yes, the phrase ‘Dead men tell no tales’ is quoted by a ghost pirate in the movie, this sound effect is not the same one that is used in the movie.

If you could provide solid proof of copyright that would be more helpful.

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Ah if that’s so then I apologize. It sounded too similar so I thought it was from the movie, my bad

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