Adventure/Story Game Showcase

Play the game here: meme game (working title) - Roblox

If you have feedback or any ideas for the game, please do reply them!

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Why is this called meme game? LOL

also your king rock is…

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I called it meme game because it was originally just going to be a funny sandbox game until I had the idea of making it an adventure game, thats just a placeholder title

its kind of going to be like party.exe

Have a nice day without your party!

all praise lord rock.
caveman noises

u good?

I think Luigi died





that’s pretty cool, but i think the proximity prompt should be above or below the rock since it pretty much covers the whole thing

thanks for the feedback! I will fix that tomorrow.

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I love the rocks btw

I’ll check out the game at some point

Roblox rlly needs more proper story games so i encourage you to add lots of stories over time, make it a bit deep if you can

deep as in sad or deep as in existential crisis

Deep as in… thick plots in some places, some attempt at emotion would be nice too

Ive seen lots of roblox games with small stories but I feel theres potential for something with more thought, which may prove more engaging and immersive

King rock doesn’t speak :frowning:

devforum no let post if not 30 letter long

Not yet!


3 0 c h a r s

ok i love the text to speach this could be amazing

thank you :slight_smile:


i have motivation

i will grant him the power to speak in a future update

first of all, this is supposed to be a meme story/adventure game, how would i do that with legitimacy?