Advert : Do you lose or win robux with ad?

Hello, as you know, to launch your game generally it is necessary to spend robux for advertising, some spend large amounts, others less. I would like to know if in your experience you usually manage to make the amount of money you spend on ads profitable? Let’s say you spend 500 robux for 3 days, at the end of the 3 days will you have paid back the 1500 robux invested? thank you for your feedback.
Or if not, do you manage to make your game popular through advertising?

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I played your game for a couple of minutes, and I noticed that the only forms of monetization you have is a donation board and whatever you would get from premium payouts. As is, I doubt you would make back your robux if you ran an ad. The game’s goal of finding 73 wolves definitely give the player something to do, but once a player feels like they’ve tried enough to find them all or ends up finding them all, they likely won’t return as there is nothing else to do.

tl;dr if you can find a way to improve player retention, and add more viable monetization methods, then you could possible make your robux back, and maybe profit. And of course you can always start with a small ad run to see where you stand.


I’ve advertised and got about 1.5% click through ratios of views to clicks.
I don’t think I’ve ever made money directly from the ads, it’s more about getting your game out there with people coming back and spreading the word to their friends.

I got lucky and a YouTuber found my game and if got very popular really quick. I had to go into my game and talk to players to find out about the videos!

It’s died off slowly since then, but I haven’t really updated it too much.


Thank you for your constructive feedback, I really appreciate it. And yes this game is not necessarily made to win a lot of robux, but more to become simply a minimum popular to make known my group and my person. But it’s hard to get the first visitors when you’re unknown and have low financial means to create ads (especially since I don’t want to spend more money for my game than just what the premium brings me every month (450) so it’s very limited. Thank you

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Indeed I think that having a popular youtuber making a video is the best advertising possible


Advertising will rarely make you money. It allows you to get a starting foundation of players, and go from there.


If your game has a flashy icon that shows up when you scroll through games, use sponsorships. In my experience, sponsorships are more effective than regular ads if you have a good enough game icon, as it will show up while scrolling through games (meaning any device can host it). You can also tailor it to the players you think the game will stand out to most (based on gender, age, device, etc.). Overall, you can distribute different amounts of advertising to different player types, and get, in my experience, more clicks for less money.