Advertise or Sponsor Group Games Group Permission

Right now the only way to give users the ability to Sponsor or Advertise a group game is to grant them the permission Create and edit group games. The problem with this is that it also allows users to create but also edit your existing games.

This is a problem for any developer seeking funds to launch their game as they have to trust the user who will be sponsoring or advertising to not steal any of their games, which can’t be guaranteed. Furthermore, Roblox will have no obligation to remove any “clones” of your game as you technically gave them the permission to view, edit, or change your games.

There should be an extra permission similar to Advertise the group but instead it would be Advertise or Sponsor Group Games so that group owners can safely get their games advertised / sponsored by other users without risk of their game being stolen.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to run ads for GAMES even with people that aren’t owner having the permissions to run advertisements, but also without permissions for them to edit the game
(i dont want this to be possible because i don’t want investors to be able to nuke the game)
This is currently what i have the permissions on for people that run ads, If i wanted them to run ads for the game i would have to literally toggle it on and off just incase they later could go on studio and destroy the place, Im overall pretty paranoid about everything. why roblox would make it one big permission together for EDITING GAMES when they could of just merged it into the running advertisements category??

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because i won’t need to worry about investors that run ads to not go on studio and destroy my places, or worst case scenario, adding in assets inside the game that could cause my group to be locked or my account to be deleted.


Bump. This feature is still needed.

Bumping this post, we really need this