Advertisement Banner

I made an advertisement this morning, I’m kind of vibing with it but I need more suggestions on what to change or add or even possibly delete… Anyways feedback is appericated!


Honestly, I can’t really find anything wrong with it besides the shadow below the text. It makes it harder to read in my opinion.


Gah! Just… “THE NEW BEST DIFFICULTY CHART OBBY!” just sounds so cringe to me… I feel like someone just walked up to me on the street and yelled this at me. I get it’s eye catching, but just… It sounds bad. Maybe try doing something a bit more suspenseful? I don’t know. Like, “The new best difficulty chart obby…” I just don’t want to feel screamed at, really pulls me away.

That’s just how the font looks, I can’t adjust it to be lowercase.

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I don’t know why but, It literally is so well made


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