Advertisement Feedback

Hey, I’m developing an open world survival game that should be launching soon and I’m starting to get the cover art and Advertisement designs out of the way, Are these designs eye catching? and if not how could they be improved, Thanks to everyone in advance!



They look very cool! Open-world survival games are my favorite!

If I saw these, I would definitely click and give them a chance.

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This is better than most ads i have seen on roblox to be honest! I would click!!

While it looks good, there are 1 problems.

The game must be as good as the ad itself.
I’ve seen ads that look good but the game that the ad redirects looks like a child made it.

Either way, an Open-World game would be typically empty (it’s fine if it’s unfinished).

These advertisement designs look very good! The second image’s text should be thicker/bolder in my opinion. Otherwise, nice job on this!

Woah it’s pretty good, i want to play it rn lol

I like them because of the great color choices because the ads look very high quality and it has that red color that really pops and gets your ad noticed.