Advertisement Rejection Occurrence

Hello everyone.

I’m running into a dilemma that is further pushing back progression on FNaF : Support Requested.
The issue is that roblox keeps rejecting my ad, yet the only thing that comes to my mind is the realism factor that would make roblox thing that it was stolen- yet it was made in studio and I went in and took this screenshot, which is the image that keeps getting rejected:

I’ve looked across quite a few sources yet the only answer I’ve seen most is that “roblox may think that you’re trying to scam” or “roblox is cracking down on the before and after he/she clicked ads”- which isn’t the matter or relevant at all to the problem or answer.

Description: I uploaded this add 10 minutes ago and this occurred and I noticed it, but this issue will mean progression on my game that’s been played by people such as Flamingo, etc will be for nothing if I can’t at least somewhat advertise to show that a new release is around the corner.

Here’s what I’m seeing / what’s showing up on my end:

Any thoughts, answers, or feedback will and is always appreciated!

  • Thanks!

Probably copyright, or something wrong with roblox.

Had the same issue. Uploaded an ad that wasn’t clickbait whatsoever and saw “Ad Rejected” pop up within 2 minutes of submitting the ad. I didn’t receive any warning so no clue what was wrong with it.