Advertisements for game!

Im currently in creating a game, and I was wondering how much robux it’d take in order to get my game to the front page. Has anyone experimented with this before? Does anyone know the golden amount to get the most amount of people?

I was also wondering, say I had 10k to put into advertisements, would it be better to put 10k in for 1 day? or 5k in for 2 etcetc. What’s the best plan for optimization of funds in advertisement?

Any advice is appreciated

WD :>

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Ummm I just finished working for a Simulator game and they used 100K and got 3K players at once. Overall tho it comes down to how good your game is who plays it and records it and how interactive you are with the fan base to make something they truly will enjoy. So for right now I don’t think you should be worrying about the price I think you should start building a community that will be there and do a soft launch at first and once you get a substantial amount more then 50K per say then talk to your community tell them to share and give you feedback and add some of the things they feel needed to be added. Chances are most people can agree on at least 1 of 3 things so choose 3 and do them I’d say. There are more tutorials on the DevForum and I’d advice you look them over. Best of luck, John.