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Is there a way to predict how many users will see your ads and/or see how much other people are bidding and their types of ads?

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Yes, once you in put your amount of robux that you want to bid, press run then something like this should show up:

And the part were it says “Estimated impressions” Is were how many people will see it Aproxitmaly. Roblox knows how many people will see the add from people from the other day who bid the same amount as you, I also recomend to use 200-500 robux for ads, as a good amount of people will see the add.

Hope it helps, Agentpig03


Thanks for helping me out, I shall give you a solution

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I know this is off-topic but how on the world did I get a notification about this topic?

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ERM… What? Lol I don’t know.
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