Advertising another game of mine in another game of mine?

I made this game I am not that proud of like 3~ years ago and for some reason lately it has been getting some concurrent players. Anyways, I have created this new game and I have been looking to advertise it. I used the ad manager and that worked OK, but I am wondering, could I advertise that game in the game?

Like a button, that says, “Play [game name]”?

You can also this is quite a easy question to answer.

Yes you can, many games do this. Please do some research before asking questions like this though.

I was asking if it was ethical, not how to do it. Like would it be ok

As long as you don’t shove it in the user’s face 24/7, then it is perfectly fine. Many developers usually have a teleporter or hub of sorts that goes to their other games.

For example, when Pet Simulator 99 was released, they updated Pet Simulator X to have a teleporter to the new game.

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I made this UI, even though its poorly made. (Btw the text shows rainbow). Is that too much?

That’s a bit too much in my opinion. Maybe make a teleporter to the game with that text above at spawn. That way, you can still advertise your game at the most popular area without affecting your player’s gameplay.