Advertising Bug

After spending upwards of 100s of thousands of robux, Roblox support disregarding my prior support claims, I’m here to explain what’s going on (can’t post in bug reports).

The Issue: Advertisements for my game Tower of Guessing do not work.

Game link: [200 FLOORS❄️] Tower of Guessing - Roblox

Creator: Cranky Games - Roblox

I used to advertise my game Tower of Guessing a ton and things were going very well for a while. Out of nowhere ads that were always doing very well and making a huge difference started doing what seemed like nothing at all and CTR also plummeted. Looking into this a few months ago, I was spending upwards of 10k robux on ads, and visits would stay at the average. Messaged Roblox support about this and nothing was done. Didn’t know what to do at that point because all the proof I had from my ads not working was just the visits staying the same so I cut my losses. Fast forward to a few weeks ago I tried going about advertising my new game Kindergarten (Story) and everything went smoothly and normally as it should, the visits were up and the game was gaining some traction, fantastic! I try then advertising Tower of Guessing again and bam another hit to the robux balance with absolutely no benefit whatsoever. I know whoever is reading this is probably thinking “Maybe your ads were just bad that’s why you can’t get any visits from them”. There’s a feature now recently added in Developer Stats called User Acquisition, alas everything I needed to finally prove myself!

In user acquisition it specifically says sponsored ads, so it may not encompass user ads but it doesn’t really matter because for both Kindergarten (Story) and Tower of Guessing I used both User ads and Sponsored ads.

Let’s talk about this month (this month does not amount to anywhere near the total amount of money I spent):

In Kindergarten (Story) I spent 5,000 robux on sponsored ads and 20,000 robux on user ads and got about 50k impressions for sponsored ads. So, okay it’s reasonable I guess if it’s only including sponsored ads and not user ads. So that is fine!

In Tower of Guessing I spent 4,000 robux on sponsored ads and 55,000 robux on user ads and got less than 4k sponsored ad impressions (look at the black circle)… This was today and yesterday. I spent around 60,000 robux on ads and my game still stayed at pretty much the same average amount of players.

I have other proof and more information I could show as well (hopefully once I get in contact with staff if they need it) but not wanting to make this thread too too long I’m showing what I think makes this 100% obvious that it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this can be worked out ASAP as Christmas is extremely close and I really wanted to advertise on the holiday as it is a huge opportunity that I do not want to miss out on. (As well as get my robux back :slight_smile:)

Roblox has removed ads for players under 13. And your game seems to target <13. Im sorry but yeah it isnt gonna work. If you are targeting all audiences then according to them your Impressions should go down by Half (appx*).

This change seems to affect your ads. I would rather suggest you to invest in ‘other means’.(YT and other stuff.).


not a bug, just need to change how you advertise to younger users.

Alright that clears things up, partially though, there is still one thing that doesn’t add up.

Why doesn’t the user acquisition sponsored ad impressions equal the amount of impressions from the picture below? It should be 953,000 not 50,000.