Advertising Game system

How to make a ui that when we put a game Id and then when we click on people profile or their body part it will show their games and another script is leaderstats Visits and group members.

This is basically Advertising game and I want this game by this week.

Thank you for you support!

At least try to research something before coming to the devforum for help.


If you want someone to make you a game you’re gonna have to pay someone for that. Devforum is not a place for people to make you games for free

You should not ask for whole systems but instead provide a base for others to help you on.

If you were doing something like this you would want to use Instance:GetPropertyChangedSignal() (To detect input within a Textbox), and MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo() to get information on the user. If that is not enough you will need to use a Proxy and fetch that information about the player (for likes, visits on a experience etc.)

This is about the most I can help you as there is no base and I’m not scripting that as it is a game system. Now if you smaller issues (Like you don’t know how to use :GetProductInfo() ) I will more then happy to address those issues. With no base script, or “issue/errors”, they isn’t much I can do.