Advertising questions

I’ve been asking myself this for a while - Should I advertise my game?
My game is relatively new and doesn’t even have 1k visits yet, but it’s getting there.
I have a small playerbase, often getting 2-6 concurrent players. I’d like to increase this though. I’m not looking for a large amount of players, just a couple more. I’m actively updating and doing it almost daily. I’m aware that the game has quite a few bugs and is nearly impossible to play on mobile devices and is tough on console, but I definitely do plan on fixing these.
Back to the question: Should I advertise, and how should I do it? I of course am not planning on doing it quite yet, as I want to add many more features and improve the overall quality of the game, alongside patching bugs and having the game be overall more compatible, and of course, getting more robux. My current budget is a bit over 1k robux, which I earned through gamepasses and premium payouts from a couple of my games.
All feedback is appreciated.
Yes, I did read the “Advertising 101” post.
My game link, if you’d like to try the game out yourself (if you’re glitched after spawning, try resetting your character!) [SEQUEL] Resonation Excavation - Roblox


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I’m not sure how to get a certain amount of players, but if the play time is good and players come back to play than you can’t really get just a little more, you have to go Big so even if it does die down you got what your looking for, The more Likes and Favorites you get the more Roblox recommends you to other players

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What I’m saying is I’d be satisfied with just a little more. If I were to get a lot more, that’s great!
I don’t really know what a good play time is considered, I’ve been getting an average visit length of 25-35 minutes.

If you want to increase a player count, advertising/sponsoring is an “easy” way to do that.

Having said that, I would definitely recommend fixing all of the bugs and getting your game cross-compatible with mobile and console before even trying to go public with it. Whenever someone clicks an ad to play a game that game has to get their attention right off the bat or they’ll go somewhere else.

Also, you said your budget is around 1k, this won’t do much with Roblox’s current ad/sponsoring system. Like, it may get you a few players depending on the ad, but you won’t get as many impressions as you might want.

Hope this helps!


Biggest issue with your game is, it doesn’t look original enough to be very marketable. There already is miner’s haven which pretty much does the same thing, but slightly more refined.

You said you have 1k rbx to use for advertisements. It might get you 30 players in the day, but in the long run it will do literally nothing. You’re far better off saving a bit more rbx and then advertising over a period of weeks, advertising either every other day or every weekend.

I would say, make the UI look slightly better. Perhaps hire an artist to do so. I really suggest you allow cross platform play if you want the game to get any bigger.

Overall, I like the game you’ve made. But I would say it’s not ready to be advertised, as you should probably update it, then get more funding first. Else any money put into ads will basically be wasted.

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I’m not sure how this is similar to Miner’s Haven.
I do agree it can be improved upon, I have many things that are a work in progress.
I of course will have device compatibility.
I’m bad with UI, but maybe I can improve it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Instead of jumping straight into advertising your game, I would instead make sure your game has an enjoyable gameplay and it is designed well, with getting a certain player base try experimenting with spending small amounts on ads and see which ones performs better in your view. I would instead develop more time into saving money to put towards ads/sponsors.

Since you’re just wanting a specific player base develop more time fixing all the bugs and making sure it’s designed well you could even move towards doing commissions to gather some robux to get a decent player base. There are many factors and ways to advertise, it can come down to what audience you’re specifically aiming for.

As the game needs to be enjoyable and fun to play; try focusing on the important elements first such as designing your game properly and then work your way up.


Thanks for the feedback!
I plan on of course improving the game.
I’ve been slowly gaining robux over time, and I have some plans for affording advertising.
I think people tend to enjoy my game, many people come back for more I’ve noticed. I’m just having a bit of trouble getting those people is why I want to do some ads. Today when releasing a small update and announcing it on my discord server, I accumulated about 14 players, and my playtime is pretty decent.
I of course am not going to advertise quite yet, I’m just asking ahead of time.
Thank you :grin:


Hi, I’d recommend you making a huge clickbait on trend game, earn some robux and then slowly advertise the game, or maybe try finding some investors? Also youtube shorts spamming ur game could help a bit