Advice for a new builder


I have had a lot of different opinions on this topic but I wanted a general consensus on the DevForum. Do you think it is easier/more useful to build with f3x or standard studio to begin with?


What are useful plugins for building?

It comes down to preference.

I always suggest builders use F3X or SBS for the added functionality/quality of life features, but I also know many amazing builders who don’t use any plugins and still get the job done - so it’s far from a requirement.

I was at a web developer conference a few months ago and the keynote speaker said “a bad craftsman is a slave to their tools” which rings true in just about any creative industry.



Thank you for the insight.



Personally I use Roblox Studio tools I find them more effective in the way I developed myself to use them. I have used F3X before but I did not stick with it (Reason may be that I all ready was conformable with Roblox’s tools ). It will all end up with preference and what you find best. With F3X and Roblox Building tools you can still achieve the same result one way or another.

Hope this helps you out.



Yea I appreciate it, I was under the impression at first there was a massive difference in simplicity but hearing about it more from people more versed on the topic seems to show that they are just different methods.



I personally started building just with studio, but I’d highly recommend SBS for it’s really useful tools that studio doesn’t have. You can do just fine without it but as you get better as a developer it becomes much more useful.
Hope this helps!



I find for most cases, the built in tools work fine for me, I do tend to have F3X handy, it’s more advanced features can come in handy.



It really boils down to your personal bias.

I was forced to use F3X back when I was making projects with big teams before the team-create era. Therefore, I continue to use it today just just because its what I am comfortable with. However studio supports nearly every functionality of any of today’s plugins. I find it more impressive when somebody can design games without the assistance of a building plug-in, so if you aren’t familiar with anything yet I’d say try to learn studio and see if you can grasp it before going to route of using a plug-in.



I prefer QcmdUtl which is basically F3X but a bit more cleaner, and you can control the increments a lot better. I use Qcmd for building my trains which has stopped me brick-shifting my builds a lot more. I would recommend not using the provided tools by Roblox as they can have a tendency to brick-shift. Cheers



Honestly can’t agree with you more. I personally use F3X because it saves me a lot of time while building.



I personally prefer F3X instead of the normal tools. I feel studio tools just make it harder to build than it’s supposed to be. F3X took a few days to get the hang of, and since then it’s been my best friend. I can do everything I need to do without having to click multiple icons on normal studio. I honestly don’t know why people dislike F3X since it helps me with everything I need. The only downside is that there are no good tutorials to help you understand how to use it when you first download it. I had to learn everything by myself.

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The main reason as to why I no longer use f3x is since the lead developer took months to update the source after bugs kept popping up left and right. During this time I had discovered SBS

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I’ve never heard of it. Would you recommend it?



I use a combination of both studio tools as well as “Studio Build Suite” or SBS for short, and Cinema4D for meshing and etc to really make my building process seem streamline. Usually I would build with normal studio tools, until I need SBS to do some resizing with multiple parts then that would come in handy, and Cinema4D to make and edit parts/meshes so I can create shapes that I specifically need for a certain build. Overall it’s just how you utilize the tools given to you, and how comfortable you feel with it.

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I personally use f3x all the time, nowadays I mix it with blender and vanilla tools.



I use SBS and its has never failed to do what I need to do



I use SBS and F3X, both of them are really helpful when building.



Personally, I like to use the Roblox Studio tools, as they are simple to use yet effective, somewhat, but I tend to switch between Studio Tools and F3X when in need of more complex movemenst. It all boils down to personal preference. I know some builders like to use 1, .5, .25, .125, etc., but I tend to stick around 1, .5, .2, .1, .05. Every builder is different and tend to stick with whatever they feel is comfortable. In conclusion, a builder using Studio Tools can accomplish virtually the same end-result as a builder using F3X.

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My apologies I meant SBS.