Advice for my game called DownHill Rush. Please, it's a game I want to succeed. This is regarding touched events and optimizing

When an obstacle is put in the map it is inserted into a table called obstacles.

So… Currently the way the game detects obstacles is through touched events.
The server routes touched events to every cart’s parts.

If one of the hits table.find(obstacles, hit) then
it destroys the cart and kills the player.

The effect is that other players can see the cart crashing and destroying since the server handles it.

However sometimes a delay might mean that u hit the tree and then 5 seconds later u get destroyed.

Should I instead have the touched events be in local scripts and then fired to the server? Wouldn’t that be much much faster? Basically an invokeserver function will return the table of obstacles stored in the serverscripts and then do action if it finds that it hit an obstacle

Also what about optimizing.

Go see the game and let me know if it is laggy or not please help!


It seems that your game is already really successful! I’ve been playing it for a little, and many people play it. You should definitely be proud. Some advice I can give:

  • Try to make the GUI look a bit better
  • Add trees at lobby
  • Maybe add a blur / imrpove lighting
  • Add more products in the shop + an economy (coins can be gained via survival distance, bought with robux, etc)
  • Advertise a little
  • Turn off player collisions as well as cart collisions (You can hold intermission votes where players can vote on whether or not having collisions before the round starts)
  • Map votes / Gamemode votes before rounds start (This will add more player - game interaction, which is good)
    You should also consider lowering the server player amounts, since it does cause a lot of lag when you have 45 carts driving around.
    Also, this lag that you talk about is probably ROBLOX Server lag from how you describe it.
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Try to make the game more encouraging, use a unique art style for the UI and game art including the thumbnails and icon.

I think you should add like a smooth camera follow effect similar to this post by @Physicionics

Right thanks for the advice and I was looking more for where touched events should be handled

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The game is unplayable on mobile since you always click a button when you want to move.

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ya there is a bit of lag when colliding with a tree so I’d suggest checking in a local script and the server
this way even if there’s an exploiter who doesn’t wanna tell the server about them not having car insurance, the server can still know! (and it’s practically required so that other players can see it lol) B))

not sure how this would work if you’re gonna add the option to hide car discombobulation to reduce lag for laggy players. Maybe send a signal to all of the other clients via remote event to handle rendering of the explosion that way.

ok byeee merry christmas or happy holidays!

edit: oh yeah just noticed, there might be a way to just afk and get coins or something (even tho you haven’t added them yet so idk)

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Also you could create a camera shake/wiggle when another player nearby explodes. If player’s don’t like the camera lagging behind and the camera shake, you should create a setting where they can disable these effects.

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To reduce lag, try only rendering the closest 2-3 stages.

I can’t really script so I will give you some other suggestions:

  • The lobby looks awful (no hate) you should definitely rebuild it and don’t spam it with too much text (the actual game map is nice)
  • Add a tutorial or a notification that there’s a match going because I didn’t what to do
  • I got kicked because of “You are lagging too much” lol
  • Improve the UI
  • Improve the GFX Design