Advice for positoning R6 limbs while animating?

Ok so I’ve spent the last few hours learning about the basics of animations and also looking at how animations are done in other games some of the things I’ve looked at are Making Fluid and Powerful Animations For Skullgirls, 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) and this site which has a huge list of characters from fighting games with some of their animations Ryu animations. (I’m working on a fighting game so I’ve mostly been looking at fighting game related things)

However this has all been 2D although I’ve learned that this stuff still applies in 3D (not sure if that’s always true?) so ok that’s cool, but how about with Roblox R6? Does this still apply? I’m assuming it does, but R6 doesn’t have any joints so it’s been challenging to pose things it always looks weird.

For example this animation


I’ve attempted to recreate this pose or at least do something similar however you can’t actually get the bends in the legs or arms so how would you go about doing a pose like that?


Anyways sorry if this is a confusing post hopefully what I’m asking about makes sense

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Basically, pretend that the knees for the R6 rig is located at the hip, like so:


This is how I learned to make decent R6 animations for my games, since I do all the work in them.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but it gets the job done when starting to animate R6 characters.

The same thing applies to the arms to a degree, if you were wondering.

EDIT: Try to exaggerate each of the character’s movement, for rigs with less joint that the amount of joints a human has, exaggerating the movement helps the character feel more alive. This is a common practice in Bionicle stopmotions to make the characters feel fluid.

In this video Making Fluid and Powerful Animations For Skullgirls there’s a section called “breaking the bones” which has a point saying “Dont be afraid to break limbs to push your animation” would this be what you mean by exaggerating movement? If so what would be considered to much? Would detaching the arm from the body be to much or would it be fine if it was just a little bit :thinking:

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Detaching a limb from an R6 character’s body is a good option when exaggerating their motion, it’s totally fine if you do so. The best way to exaggerate motion is by starting their movement slowly, then ending it off fast. For example, when pressing a button, the character would raise their arm, body, and head a little bit when their about to press the button, then they would slam down on the button, with a little bit of recoil to make it seem real.