Advice needed on how to get more players in my game

Hello, I am the developer of oldBLOX. oldBLOX is a (another) old Roblox simulator that is designed to emulate Roblox from <2009.

I was wondering what was wrong with my game and why its getting barely any visits even compared to other old roblox simulators that are newer ( Is my name bad? is it the thumbnail(s). Is it the icon? how much robux should I dump into sponsors and for what platform would it be the best to invest it?


Well one of the problems may simply be there’s already a old version, why play a new one? To compete, your game needs to be better, and more attracting. F

It’s cool to simulate old ROBLOX but ROBLOX changed for a reason, which is for the better. If you want a larger player base, you should make something people want to play.

Not to insult your game in anyway but have you considered what other players would want to play and what the current meta is? Currently, it seems like Simulators that requires a lot of grinding is striving quickly as well as PVP based games.

Personally, I just think you’re having trouble with the competition.


Some tips that might help:
-Always sponsor your game to get more players
-Your thumbnail doesn’t really get players attention pretty boring
-Until people comes to your game they check not only thumbnail also image and name so try to improve on that.
-Updates and codes take players to play your game
Hope this is helpful

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I would hate to say it but, do you think changing the title to “OLD ROBLOX SIMULATOR” would help because of the simulator craze?

The title doesn’t sound as attracting, most simulators are based around action or an item. Sorry to let you down but I think you might want to create a new game.

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Putting “simulator” in the title might make it easier for people to find, but they might not play for long if it’s not using the simulator meta. You don’t want players to fee misled.