Advice on current Spotify integration issue

I currently have working code that connects to Spotify’s currently-playing endpoint and can get all the information needed to put the title and artist name of whatever song you’re listening to in-game. The only issue I have is to use the Spotify API in such a way, it requires an OAuth key from the player/listener. The key is only obtainable from Spotify itself and only allows me/my game to see all the information pertaining to the current status of the listener (no region/market data unless they explicitly include it) very similar to Discord’s Spotify integration. (More info here)

Is this against Roblox’s terms of service? Will I get in trouble for asking the user for an authentication key?

P.S.: I didn’t know where else to post this, the Scripting Support category seemed fitting.

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I am pretty sure you would. This can be used in a way to hack their account, to add to this, why do you need this in your game? This is completely unnecessary and I don’t think any user would put their Auth-Key to be able to display their music in-game, the spotify application exists, and I feel that should be the only thing to be used to display music, other than things other than Roblox, because if you are trying to implement this in Roblox, it would be cool , but I am unsure if a user would want their Authentication Key shared.

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. You lead me to believe you’ve done no research on the topic, let alone actually read my post; if you had, you’d know that I can only read their currently-playing state via the currently-playing endpoint.

As for your other criticisms regarding why I would need this in my game, saying it’s “completely unnecessary” is nothing but an opinion which I didn’t ask for.

As you’ve already proven you are uneducated on this topic, I will wait for another reply giving me a definitive answer, deeper than “pretty sure”.


Sorry, didn’t read properly. But I don’t think this is a good idea to implement in your game anyways, even if this isn’t against ToS, I’ve never seen this implemented so you could still get in trouble for it. Good luck anyways!