Advice on making a morgue

Hello! I’m making a small regional hospital for my roleplay game, and I’m starting with the basement, which is a morgue.

I’ve only been in a real morgue once and this obviously effected the way I built this one, so It’s not going to be super accurate.

So I’m looking for advice on the following;

  • I want this to look like a currently used morgue; should I consider ramping up the gore? If so, how?

  • Should I include any other props? (Ie, jugs/bottles of chemicals, tools, etc.)

  • this game is set in the later half of the 1970’s, how would I make this look more accurate to the time period?


The main table- With an animation chair.

X-ray viewer, photographs, camera and filing cabinets.

Gurney with scissor raiser mechanism (for getting corpses onto higher/lower shelves in the coolers)


Honestly it does not look bad at all. There is only so much you can add to a morgue due to them being quite basic in design.

If your not too sure on what a morgue looks like just search it up on google. There are plenty of examples of what they look like.

Something I personally would add is more freezers for the bodies because often they have lots rather then just a few.

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First of all, I would work on the lightning, definitely make it way less brighter, just a slight of dark tone on the light colour. I would also use a mix of textures that has more variety on it, so as you can see your walls kind of look like plain lines, you can use textures to make the lines look like it has depth, and add some parts such as near the doors where the hinges are, add some rust on the wall, or just some stained parts. It’s a very good start and there is a lot of detail that I can see. You can of course do with a bit more detail, but as I said textures are very important so you can definitely work on them, you can use blender brushes or photoshops to add depth and details to textures.


That looks really amazing! I trying to make a morgue for a map that my friend and I are making! Don’t mind if I can take some inspiration from your morgue?

Yeah, sure. I just took inspiration from pictures and one I went into, so it ins’t primarily my idea.
But yeah, morgues have scales for weighing organs, blackboards (your hands are too bloody to write on paper), and lots of sinks. I would have added more detail (chemicals, pathology equipment, embalming supplies, etc.) but it was starting to get up there with part count so I left it as is.

Honestly so far it looks pretty well made, if i was to change anything it would be the atmosphere of the room. I don’t think adding gore would really give it the look you’re going for. I think changing the lighting to better match the vibe of the room would be better. If your lighting needs to work with other parts of the map then you can use a script to set the morgue have its own lighting properties. I think its well composed overall tho, great work.