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This post is to allocate and make you aware of the rules you are agreeing to by utilizing / playing our products. Failure to comply will result in a ban from our game and you will have to visit the ban appeals section of our HUB.

This section is dedicated to the rules we have put in place at any of the AEGIS Corporation’s various games and places; failure to abide by these rules while at our games will result in a variety of administration actions (kick, ban, blacklist etc.)

By playing [Day of Dusk] The Border you automatically agree to these rules and failure to abide by them permits us to use any form of administrative action we deem necessary.

Please be aware, these rules exist to be guidelines. Please use common-sense when reading the rules; examples being: No branded uniforms, this includes stealing morphs or uniforms from the armory.

  • You are permitted to create ingame raider factions to help raid the border.

    1. By creating a faction you agree that the faction will be entirely internal (operating only on
      "[Day of Dusk] The Border") any attempts to make your faction go external will result in a permanent ban from all of our services.

    2. You are responsible for your faction members - please be aware of who you are allowing to join your faction; the following are unacceptable:

      • Allowing your members to join AEGIS for infiltration purposes.

      • Your members are acting toxic towards staff members.

      • Ensuring if your members are exploiting that you report it to a staff member immediately and remove them from your faction. Failure to do so will result if your faction being removed.

      • You are not to collectively spawn-kill or recruit people in their spawn points. Do not horde the spawn points. This will result in a kick from the game.

  • You are not permitted to be disrespectful to other players while playing our products; these are some highlighted toxicity that is not permitted in any circumstances:

    1. Verbal Abusive
    2. Racism
    3. Reenactment of past militaries / ideologies as your faction.
    4. Spamming / whisper spam
    5. Toxic behaviour
      * This is usually highlighted as going after an individual and harassing them.
    6. Attempting to bypass chat filters. (If you manage to bypass something that should be hashtagged - e.g swearwords or racial comments)

  • You are not permitted to abuse social communication privilages on [Day of Dusk] The Border under any circumstances.

    1. Spamming the chat.

      • Chat Flooding

      • Toxic Behaviour utilsing the in-game chat system.
        One example being the spamming of ‘EZ’ or ‘Trash’ after defeating somebody.

    2. Utilsing the Whisper System /w {user}, /whisper {user} for harassment.

      • This can include Rule 1A, spamming in whispers also counts.

      • Constantly asking for items simply because the user has admin is not permitted.

  • You are not permitted to advertise on [Day of Dusk] The Border under any circumstances.

    1. Advertising a group or game.

      • You can advertise a raider faction group if it has been seen and reviewed by an (officer+) to be created in accordance to our rules.

      • You are however allowed to advertise your ingame raider factions; these are factions created using our ingame faction API.

  • You are not permitted to exploit / hack on any of our products; any attempts to exploit will be logged and reported.

    1. Injection of external DLL software.
    2. Running scripts (e.g noclip, fly, god etc.)
    3. Attempting to crash the server.
  • You are not permitted to utilise any form of other non-script executor class exploits; refer to 1A (DLL Software); no use of any external 3rd party software. (FPS Unlockers are the only exception) examples of restricted software can be found below but are not limited to:

    1. Graphically alternating extensions (examples being ReShade - as it can remove fog)
    2. Autoclickers or other AFK enabling utilities
    3. Multiple Roblox client enablers

  • Raiding is permitted (attacking the border, purchasing guns etc.) and will go nonpunishable - however raiding during the following circumstances can result in punishments:

    1. Raiding the Hangar during a training (e.g Training in the hangar and you attack it)
    2. Abusing glitches to your advantage (e.g Stacking to get on-top of mountains)
      2C. Glitches can include but are not limited to:
      • accessing terrain you are not meant to.
      • wall shooting (extreme circumstances: pointing a guns barrel through a wall)
      • corner-shooting (gun tip around wall)
      • using or abusing some form of currency glitch or glitch in ways to earn currency.
    3. Entering SC (Site Control Room) (e.g pressing buttons in SC, entering in general)
    4. Having AEGIS Members assist you (this can mean a punishment for both parties)
    5. Raiding the AEGIS armory or the corridor that accesses the armory is strictly prohibbited.

  • You are not permitted to join AEGIS with malicious intentions such as:

    1. Joining to team-kill, abuse rank etc.
    2. Joining AEGIS to ‘spy’ for internal factions.
      • You should not be in AEGIS whilst being within a raider group or faction
    3. Joining to cause drama.

  • There are rules on ‘retirement’ from AEGIS International:

    1. You are bound to AEGIS International for life upon joining.
      (this means you are always on record)

      1A. This is only applicable if you made it to FA+ while being in AEGIS International or if you were in a division, or if you were a figure of contention during your time in the group.

      1B. This means, if you fall into this criteria, you can be held accountable for AEGIS rules upon leaving AEGIS.

      1C. You will be forever be held accountable for AEGIS rules if you fall into these categories.

    2. Raiding AEGIS International games after departure from AEGIS without permission may result in a permanent trello ban.

      2A. If you wish to raid after you have left, and you fall into the above criteria listed in [1], you must request permission from a member of HR (Unit Captain+).

      2B. Raiding without said permission will result in an unappealable permanent ban from [Day of Dusk] The Border .

      2C. At any rank, you must wait a week before raiding, whether permission was required or not.

    3. Leaving AEGIS outside of the above rank criteria listed in [1] is considered treason - please fill out a formal discharge to a HR.

      3A. Treason is punishable by permanent ban.
      3B. Formal discharges allow you to leave the group without going on a watchlist.

    TL;DR - Ensure that AEGIS is what you want to do before joining.

  • Do not spawn kill at [Day of Dusk] The Border - this includes the village and armory at Border.

    1. Raiding the AEGIS armory is forbidden.
      1B. Camping the corridor outside of the armory is forbidden.
      1C. Do not enter the armory under any circumstances.

    2. Raiding the Civilian Town Spawns is forbidden.
      1B. AEGIS personnel are not to camp villages or town spawns and are to remain outside.
      1C. Raiders should not kill fellow civilians whilst they are at spawn.

  • Do not raid using any AEGIS International branded uniforms (including divisional):

    1. Raiding whilst in a uniform utilized by AEGIS and it’s subsidieries is forbidden.
      1B. Banned items includes items such as Standard Combatics, PKSF uniforms etc.
      1C. Other branded clothing provided by dylanjkl is acceptable (e.g Roarkel or Prylan)
      1D. Utilising a logo or otherwise copyrighted &/or owned piece of material in relation to AEGIS.

  • Do not spam the !help command:

    1. Spamming the !help commmand is against the rules:
      1B. The !help command should only be used once, an admin will see it.
      1C. Do not repeatedly spam !help requests, it won’t speed up the process.

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