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Hi! I’m Aeksus and I’ve been building/modeling on and off since 2018. I am a RAR member and I am interested in a lot of things such as Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction and History so I’m pretty much flexible when it comes to genres. I have worked for a lot of people and have enjoyed working for them, though I am still constantly waiting for a note-able project to get involved with.

I can build, model and texture. I am most interested in fantastical and periodical genres, but I can also work with any genres such as sci-fi and more. I am also capable of 3D Sculpting in blender and retopologizing it for a low poly version as well as baking that high poly version onto the low poly version.


(Please note that most of these are just little showcases of assets and styles I can make)

Low Poly Projects

Semi Realistic Builds

UGC Ideas

I am available most days. My timezone is in GMT+8.

I accept Robux and Paypal only. Price will depend on complexity and size. (Prices are negotiable)

Twitter: @aeksusrblx
Disc: Alexus#8706
For people interested please send me a message immediately with the project’s description, budget, and deadline. These are important as I will choose whether to accept the commission or not.

(I’ll be improving the page every now and then)


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Would love to hire you, DM me on Discord; ValorHonoris#5604

Got a flexible and job for you

My discord is at the end of the post.

Messaged you on Discord, please check your DMs.

Hey, I have sent a friend request to you on discord, Pumpkinz #1862.

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I’ve accepted your friend request, check your DMs.

Added on Discord. Interested in hiring you.

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Hi! Could you specify your Discord name? I have a lot of requests so it would definitely help.

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Sent you a friend request Please accept.
My name is NewClashOfClan#7141

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Sent request I’m Kakashi#0001 look forward to hearin from ya

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