Aeras Midnight [FilteringEnabled] BETA

[center][size=4]I am making a WHOLE separate thread (sorry if this was against the rules) because the game has been updated to a WHOLE new LEVEL![/size][/center]

[center]> > > CLICK FOR [strike]DEMO![/strike] FULL VERSION! < < <[/center]

[center]Name was once known as Entities, but fairly recently has been renamed to Aeras Midnight.[/center]



Hi all! First of all, excuse my english and grammar, it is currently late at night! Some of you may know me while others are not familiar with my name. I currently have a fan group of 7,000+ users and growing with two of my games getting hundreds of thousands of visits annually (peak of my popularity was around 2012 with my place called PWNED: InCrypt). I am known to work as a cooperative RPG developer where my games usually involve waved-based enemies and at specific waves will spawn a boss (shout out to turdulator for the inspirations). However, with this game I’ve decided to do things differently. I’ve decided to let players create their own character and build (with their choice of stats). It’s hard to explain on paper, but should be straight forward if you play the demo. Fans of my games LOVE getting stupidly-overpowered and this game does just that (but maintaining a balanced gameplay). For over 6 months, this game has been the primary development game for my group Swordphin123 Productions. This game’s goal is to make the perfect RPG cooperative experience for players similar to game styles like classic Castlevania/Metroid, Maplestory, or Elsword.




[li]HACK AND SLASH! (spam “H” 2 win)
[li]Level scaling enemies![/li]
[li]Dynamic Loot system at the end of each dungeon![/li]
[li]Custom Stat Builders (HP, Damage, Luck, Mana)[/li]
[li]Title Manager to show off chat titles when you talk![/li]
[li]Different Evolutions when you reach Level 30[/li]
[li]Speaking of Evolutions, there are also 3 different beginner classes![/li]
[li]2 Custom Modes: Solo Dungeons and Infinity Gates[/li]
[li]Boat System (aka Fast Travel)[/li]


[center][strike]Gameplay[/strike] vids:[/center]

[center]OUTDATED VIDS[/center]



Playing the [strike]demo[/strike] full version for yourself and experience it is better worded than the stuff I explained here. Please leave and feedback/suggestions or just leave a nice little verse on why you liked it (if you didn’t, then- I guess that’s okay too).


[li]You cannot enter the [strike]Tavern[/strike], [strike]Cathedral[/strike] (both done) or the Ramen shop yet[/li]
[li][strike]Shop items currently doesn’t work- but you can still buy them.[/strike] Soul Shop works[/li]
[li]You can go into the School of Masteries every time you level up to level up stats[/li]
[li]Speaking of the school, skills doesn’t work either… yet. [/li]
[li]Get Souls in the shop is [strike]going[/strike] now the premium currency[/li]
[li]Use 2 hands to play this game. Mouse is barely being used.[/li]
[li][strike]Semi-compatible with touch screen-orientated devices[/strike] NOT COMPATIBLE[/li]

Our website where most of us from our group hangs out discuss various topics about our games and… off topic things as well…

[center]Team Swordphin[/center]

Credits (or notable works):
Swordphin123 Productions (staff members)
RobustPhysics (h4x coder ghdhfahsfshdfhshf)

All graphic assets are made by me.



Alright, so my first time using the Games/Universes feature. Updated the Demo link with the place. When you enter the place, it should bring you to the “thinking” process of the place where it sorts different players to different part of the place. For example-

Guests and non-beta testers automatically goes to the Demo place.
Group admins, Founder pack buyers and Beta Testers goes to the original place.

Also, as an exception (and a short time), members of the RbxDev group will be eligible to play at the original place.

For those who aren’t in the RbxDev group but wants to try out the original game for free, please reply here! (Though the demo is still sufficient enough if you want to taste the gameplay and stuff)

[size=4]EDIT 2:[/size] The original place has many new updates than the demo!



[center][size=4]New Updates [/size](since last time I posted here :shocked:):[/center]
[li]2 New Classes: Dusk Hunter and Shadow Piercer (or in simpler terms, Mage and Gunner)[/li]
[li]6 New Evolutions! (You can upgrade your class to a evolution once you reached Lv.30[/li]
[li]New Boss: Brunak[/li]
[li]Soul Shop now works (the premium currency which requires robux)[/li]
[li]Game now rewards you points on dungeon completion[/li]
[li]Many performance updates, so should be less laggy[/li]
[li]Enemies now have new looks![/li]
[li]Updated Damage indicators (sorry ceaseless, no local yet :()[/li]
[li]New Title Manager![/li]
[li]More Increment types when adding stats: +5 and +10 [/li]
[li]New, rehauled Class Selection screen![/li]
[li]New Combo System! (Damage increases for every 1 more hit combo)[/li]
[li]New Instructions![/li]

[center][size=4]Updates coming soon [/size]:[/center]
[li][strike]Tavern, Cathedral, and the Ramen shop[/strike] Now Available![/li]
[li]Skills for every class (this is gonna be tough :O)[/li]
[li]More dungeons (I already have second one done already so im still making boss for it)[/li]

Played the game for a bit, and here’s some feedback/bug reports:

Text at the “Choose Character” screen blends in with the background, making it hard to see – had to really focus to read it. Hard to see + Vertical = q.q

I get 50% of my CPU used and 13 FPS – even on the menu. I have a 2.7 GHz Duo Core CPU, so it’s not like it’s bad or anything – I usually get 60 FPS.

I clicked on the sword person in the character create, and it took me to this screen with an image called something Mclound – I clicked that and it said “There can only be one.” That message would not go away. I clicked back, clicked on the sword person, and my camera is stuck with all GUIs removed – couldn’t play past that.

I clicked the OK button, but nothing happened – might be a side effect of that exploiter lag though. Btw, I suggest using Filtering Enabled, because it’ll make your game immune to stuff like this.

A couple of months ago I attempted to convert to FilteringEnabled. It didn’t work quite nicely as the development was already too deep (I’m talking about hundreds of information sending each minute), but I guess that isn’t a valid excuse. Even now, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I feel very limited with it. My next game for sure- however, will definitely use FE.

I use a few methods right now to interface with filtering enabled, for cross server interaction, I use remote functions, as they work nice, for keeping everything uncluttered from all these remote functions, I abstract it a layer with module scripts, which are basically a lua include. I have used the same module for both client and server a few times, in which case, I have a test for if the code is in server, or client at the moment, for if it needs to call a remote function, or it can access directly. I hope explaining my method helped out a little, I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but it works tolerably well for managing an entire RTS with filtering enabled :slight_smile:

^ this update was dedicated to those two :stuck_out_tongue:

Update V.
[li]FilteringEnabled is now enabled! After 3 weeks of conversions, it finally paid off![/li]
[li]Fixed some FPS and latency problems regarding some of the GUI objects[/li]
[li]The Fast Travel system is not yet done conversions for FilteringEnabled, so its off limits for now[/li]
[li]New Ready-up system[/li]
[li]New Directional Compass system[/li]
[li]Guests are now no longer allowed to talk due to the new Settings feature we introduced[/li]
[li]Fixed the message pop-up box where the OK button won’t respond to closure

Known Bugs regarding V.
[li]Inspect’s Q hotkey doesn’t work for some reason- still looking into the problem[/li]
[li]Menus are still quite wonky and unresponsive at times even though the server is returning good ping[/li]

I haven’t tested the place enough to deem it “fully” FilteringEnabled, so I need testers.

New Screenshot of current version:

Skill Concept Arts (not final) play as .mp4 instead of .gif for better frames!:



I joined, and while in the main menu, my FPS dropped and my CPU usage rose to 30. I selected a character and spawned, and my FPS and CPU returned to normal states. You must have a scripting loop or something in the menu causing that…

Also, when it said “Calibrating stats, refrain from resetting for a few seconds to prevent stat loss” is very bad practice. Never rely on the player doing something or not doing something to prevent your game from breaking or not behaving correctly. Even if you tell them not to doing something, they’ll do it anyway just to see what happens, then perhaps thumb-down your game because their stats are messed up and they can’t play. You should probably turn off CharacterAutoLoads and set their character when they spawn, so that they can’t reset while you’re loading their stats.

The map is cool, but it takes way too long to walk from one side to the other, just to reach a different building. And shouldn’t those blue lights all around the map use dynamic lightning?

The interface is nice, and I love the sunlight streaming through the windows effect.

I will look into that, thanks!

I’m doing an overhaul of the save system soon, so calibration won’t be necessary afterwards. Also, resetting won’t really do anything, the worst that can happen is camera glitches (which you can wait it out for a couple more seconds for it to fix itself) because the player hasn’t yet fully loaded. It’s just there for a mere suggestion, really.

There will be mounts which you can ride to lessen travel times. Also, they do use dynamic lightning, but with the recent lighting updates I’ve did, its harder to notice the light source coming out of them. I’ll probably do something about that or remove them completely.