AFK Games will do well?

(17) Ragdoll Down 1 Million Stairs For Admin! - Roblox This is one of my new “afk games”. They are where you somewhat afk and wait for your character to do something, like climb 1 million stairs for admin. I was wondering if these would still do somewhat well or just not at all?

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not my thing but i can see kids competeing for who’s down there the lowest.
+the stairs is not that long, took me just 1-2 mins to reach the bottom :skull:

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The only issue with AFK games, is that roblox kicks players from inactivity if they take more than 20 minutes AFK this is done so that servers can have new people.

Games like bee swarm simulator for example allow the players to play AFK or while being there but still, get kicked after the 20 minute mark, also considering this afk game is a simple idea that, to be honest, has been made before, I don’t think it will be atractive or not much.

If you used the “afk” mechanic in a creative way, like waiting 10 minutes before something happens, or a game where things happened only when you didn’t move, then maybe it could be interesting.

Yknow people can set an autoclicker so that it keeps on clicking, so that it doesn’t kick you?

Yes, I know about autoclicking, however that doesn’t work on all the cases, considering who knows about autoclickers, player ages and their gaming interests (how much time they are gonna spend waiting for somethat that could not even be worth it), and the devices of use.

It is less likely that a kid is gonna use an autoclicker for a game like this one, maybe in other cases.