AFK Simulator 2 (Update 3)

Update 3 is already released in AFK Simulator 2, what’s new?

  • Added new Sweet Currency

  • Added Sweet Discount in Discount Service

  • Added AutoBuy buttons

    1. Now you can stay AFK and don’t click on prestiges or on another currencies to buy them
  • Added new Legendary Rune in Runes 2

  • Added Upgrade 9 in Upgrade Tree

  • Added new Quest 9 in Quests

  • Added 1 new BossShop Upgrade

  • Added new Time Reward (you need 10 hours for this reward)

  • Decreased Friend Boost (x1.2 > x1.1 Seconds per friend) but you can increase it by buying upgrades

  • Added Sweet Leaderboard

  • Updated Boss Gui

  • Fixed 2 Bugs

    1. Now you can buy Classes (Before I fixed this bug you can’t)
    2. Fixed bug with Boss Respawn Timer