After 2 Hours( Low poly boat)

After two hours I made this low poly boat. Any feedback would be much apricated. The reference that i went off from is below.


Also I know about this error and i have decided to fix it.


This was the reference that i went from:


honely i love it it looks like a real boat it is AMAZING i love it good job! :heart_eyes:

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I like it! It’s poly-balanced, meaning that there aren’t any high-poly parts among the low-poly ones. And that can make something look good no matter what poly it’s in.The first pic with all the lighting is my favourite one. The pirate’s flag is a nice touch.

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It looks good. I imagine it in a pirate game or in real life.

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You did a great job. The sails and the hull of the boat are amazing.

I think your looking at the wrong picture, the ones at the very top was the one that i did that other one was a reference xd.

Oh you mean the one with the flag is the reference?
EDIT: I see that. You replicated it very well!

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