After change the player character, i can't move

So, i created a module for changin R15 player character ro R6 , all work but the problem is the player can move after the change

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function CharacterConv:R6ToR15(Plr)
	Plr = game.Players:WaitForChild(Plr)
	local FalseChar = script:WaitForChild("CharR15"):Clone()
	FalseChar.Name = Plr.Name
	FalseChar.Parent = workspace
	Plr.Character = FalseChar

Im calling R6ToR15 with My name

I believe the line that is causing this is Plr.Character:Remove(). If you want to respawn the character, you can try plr:LoadCharacter().


First, Remove is deprecated, second, make sure that the HumanoidRootPart is not anchored, third, set the camera subject to the humanoid of the new character, that should work.

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I will test it soon, and for the Remove, i know and i don’t know why i set this (Best is Destroy)

I alredy try all of this and the problem don’t change

don’t work

. This is respawn me when i execute the command but im stuck

Try setting the player’s character after you parent the FalseChar to workspace.

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This don’t work to :confused:

i don’t understand why is make this

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Finnaly solved the problem with a R15 To R6 script i have modified


Can you please tell me what did you do? I am trying to make the same thing and I have the same problem.

Hey @System2150, after reading the entire post with my questionable English skills, I managed to find the module in question in one of my old places. Here is the script of the original module from 2020
CharacterConv.rbxm (27,0 Ko)

Watching the code back now, i have one thing to say, when you call one of the functions of the module, even if the argument name is Plr you have to give a string with the name of the player. (Plr is most often used to represent a player object)
I don’t think this is the best way to change a player character, but it should still works.