After opening VR once, Roblox does not exit VR mode unless you restart your PC

Earlier tonight, I used my Oculus Quest 2 to play a game on Steam, nothing to do with Roblox. I go to play Roblox, and now the client thinks my VR is still active.

My headset is turned off and not attached to my computer.

When joining a game, the client has other strange behavior, such as no mouse ands the CoreUI being completely missing.

When joining, I have no other Oculus or SteamVR programs running, Roblox is starting them.

Expected behavior

The client should no longer expect VR mode to be active.


I experienced this, you actually have to make sure the Oculus software is fully ended. Check TaskManager.exe and make sure the OVR_Server processes for Quest 2 are no longer running.

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Every time I close it, it’ll reopen.

That’s because the OVR_Server is still running, you want to kill that process in task manager.

No, what I mean is when I quit the OVR_Server app, it still does not close, it’ll just reopen a few seconds later until I restart my PC.

Sounds like Oculus Software isn’t fully closing out.

You may have to stop the process manually in services, I have the same issue where it reopens upon closing it normally.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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This seems to be the same issue as this one: VR breaks literally everything - #3 by Gatorzgaming
The good news is that we have got a fix for all our PC VR users today. NO NEED TO FORCE STOP OCULUS ANYMORE. After updating to the latest Roblox Client, you should no longer experience this issue.
Please let us know whether the issue still exists.


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