After uploading a video then typing, the video starts to glitch out in preview mode

Im guessing I should post this here. I don’t know if this is a discourse related issue or not though.

So, in order for you to test this out, upload a video, I used .mp4 to show this. after you upload the file, go to the preview mode. Type some words or something and you should notice it starts to glitch out. If you don’t want to test it out, refer to this video i’ve posted below.

yes ik i spelt annoying wrong lol

This is really annoying and sometimes hurts my eyes. I hope this could be fixed

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I can confirm this is happening I just tested it.

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This is sorta intentional since the whole post’s preview has to reload when you edit a post’s content(the html gets rebuilt). Please suggest this on if you’d like this to be changed.