Afterimages with clothing!


To put it simply, I want to make an afterimage of a robloxian’s arm/leg with CLOTHING applied.
This has already been done with certain games, but I want to know how would I execute this idea inside of a script?


So far, I’ve had a “solution” that’s super unoptimized and is just plain horrid, I’ve attached a GIF detailing what it is.

The problem with this however, is that I have to instantiate an entire character with a Humanoid and all, apply a HumanoidDescription to the Humanoid and then FINALLY make the other parts transparent, and with all of this in mind, I still have to move the entire character to move the arm/leg.


Currently, my way of doing this in code results in a unclothed arm that’s really ugly and plain.

I don’t need a full-fledged script, I need a way to execute this optimally, without having to create everything and such, I just need a way to create an arm or leg with clothing applied.

thx in advance

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