Again, looking for good lighting settings

My achievement here is for the lava planet to look “lava’ish” type, like it doesn’t really affect colors of a particle emitter, I just want some lighting settings that look similar to this.

but something just looks off about it really, in my game, it looks like this.

and it also affects particle emitters similar to this example, the color is supposed to be red but it makes it orange unless it’s around a bright light or inside a building.
Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 5.54.42 PM

any lighting suggestions in general for a lava planet?

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Orange haze.

This text will be blurred

Why dont you try using a lot of depth of field and maybe some color correction

Futuristic Lighting,
0 Shadow blur
Ambient Lighting make it Red
Click plus on the lighting and add Depth of field, edit the settings until it fits right,
add some blur maybe .1 or .06 cause the pixels are very visible
make sure ur ingame graphics is max because thats affecting the coloring,
add colorcorrection the same way you added the depth of field and edit saturation and contrast to make it more volcano like,

and mainly get a volcano sky on the toolbox.
also maybe add some fog or atmosphere, sometimes it looks ugly that way but idk maybe it will look nice

also mainly the modeling looks a little weird

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well the modeling is just a mustafar outpost, plus it took half of the “not volcano planet” off my game, but I still have a feeling/need to change it.

this is played on 7 graphics lol: