Age Barring User From Entering DevForum, Age is two years behind due to misclick

Hey DevForumers,

So recently I have come in contact with a friend who has their account age set at 11 years old. This is due to a mis-click as the friend is really 15 years old. Is there anyway of getting the user (he is incredibly talented at building) into the DevForum and by passing the 13 year old rule, since he is truly 15. If that route is not possible, is there anyway to get his account age changed?



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The only way to do this is by creating a new account for this forum. I guess, my brother have this same issue, I asked something similar to this and I got that response of creating a new account. In any way I think he need to prove that he is 15.

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you can email roblox to get your account age changed worked for me when I was hacked

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That depends on how old your account is, my brother tried it 2 years later, because he didn’t know there was a Roblox support, and his request was not accepted. If the account is new, or if your account age was changed recently, you can change it again with the support.

One of my friends actually emailed ROBLOX recently and they set his account >13.

Wait, there’s a rule that states you have to be 13 to get into the DevForums?

That explains why it took so long for me to get in lol

Anyways, unfortunately you can’t change your age in the account settings, as that violates some regulations and acts made by the Federal Trade Commission (I think it was COPA or COPPA). I’ve tried plenty of times to convince Roblox to change my account age to 13 or above when I was younger but they always denied me. So he has to wait two more years until he can join.

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Pretty sure if you like add a pin and change your email, you should be able to change the age of the account.

contact roblox support


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The thing is, his friend is 15, he set his age to 11 by accident. They where most likely an old devforum member, and updated their age or got hacked. (Depending on whatever). So he has to contact Roblox support.

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Woah, I didn’t expect getting a solution to a post from 2 years ago lol.


Yeah, we never got it fixed and mostly forgot about it and used work arounds. This ended up working and so I marked it as resolved lol. Ty!

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Lol ok. No problem happy to help!

@LandnBlu Funny enough, imagine this. If the issue still woudn’t have been solved. It would have solved itself :laughing:. We’re 2 years later from the creation of the thread. Meaning the account would have been 13 alreayd,


Wow, I didn’t even think of that that’s genuinely mind-blowing.

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Thank you so much for this. You’ve blown my mind.

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