Age-related stats should be color-coded incrementally

Or… something like that, I’m not exactly an expert in color theory.
Right now the graph is way harder to read than it should be. Please consider either incrementing by hue or brightness or some other colorspace magic, but please don’t have <6 & 16-18 and 7-8 & >18 look so similiar.


This may not be directly related to this however it would be great to be able to grab the user’s age (not account age) for purposes of game development.

Do you mean grabbing the age of a specific user in your game? That would be a massive invasion of privacy.

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Indeed it would be. My argument isn’t too strong as I don’t think it would be of great use to me. Although I was simply putting it out for discussion.

You suggested the idea, and you agree that it would be a massive invasion of privacy?

I would feel a lot better about Roblox if the Roblox community was not able to single out the age of each user. Don’t forget that not every developer on Roblox is the type making front page games that would use that purely for gameplay and data collection purposes. I think that there are malicious possibilities with this suggestion.

I for one would most certainly (when I was a kid) have lied about my age if I knew that other Roblox users were able to access that.

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ROBLOX is not able to give out age information that can be traced back to individual users due to COPPA restrictions. So even if we had a really good reason for it, it wouldn’t be possible.


Technically, they can - but only if full parental consent is given, and said parents have been informed to exactly what is being discolosed (I took a moment to watch the full COPPA video :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Correct, but all companies ignore the “with parental consent” part because it’s not practical to get parental consent from every single user.

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Bump. This is such a good suggestion.

I think you can just do this, i might be mistaken tho

local age = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetAge()
print(age) -- Returns the player's age
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