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If you can’t tell by the name yes, I’m pushing the limits of Roblox scripting. Artificial intelligence means that a BOT, or computer can think for its self. This might take a while or seem impossible to do, but I’m putting in the effort. It will run off of certain scripts that give it a general and complex idea of situational awareness, and intelligence. This might mean scripting thousands of responses to thousands of questions, or i’ll figure out a way to do this.

Moderating Questions
There will be a features that will not allowed the server to respond to certain questions if they break Roblox rules. Passwords, ect will not be anywhere near, or inside of scripts.

The goal is to push the Roblox platform to its limits via scripting. We’ll see how detailed the Roblox platform can get, and see how well we can get AI to work.

Any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me on Discord @ Skylexion#9908 or Twitter DMs @ @LiamSkylex

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