AI car help scripting

How do I make an AI racing car.

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Have you made any attempt or done any research on doing so?


Yes but I cannot find any good way to make it I found an AI car but when I add it to my model The code does not work

I don’t really know how we can help you unless you show us the code.

Let me send the file
AI test.rbxl (1.2 MB)

You cannot simply send us your ROBLOX place file and expect us to peer through it all, test it, and debug it until it works.

You need to tell us how you are going about creating an AI car, send us your code, and tell us what about it confuses you.

I am not on pc at the moment so I cannot send code But I found a model of an AI car and I have a model of a race car I want the race car to become AI but it’s made different from the AI car I have no clue how to fix the race car to become AI

If I’m reading you correctly, you’re saying you found an AI car in the free models and you want the car to look like the model of race car you created while still being an AI car.

This is not a website where freebies are handed out. You need to show some kind of attempt or at least send code telling us which part is confusing you. If you cannot get on PC to send us code, then I’m afraid there’s no way I can help you.

You can view my tutorial on machine learning if you couldn’t find any resources

I think you should understand what AI is. From there I would suggest taking whats called a genetic algorithm based model. Basically what this means is that the permutation is the bias for the neurons.