AI Chat Bot like Chat GPT in need

Hello i am currently making a game just like Infinite Craft but on Roblox i made it and it works out very good but i used Chat GPT but after 3 requests i cant use it for about a minute is there any alternative AI chat Bot which is free expect google gemini?


YouTube, DevForum, just mess around are all good. Don’t rely on some AI to write your code. You won’t learn that way.

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No, we’re not here to provide you with any kind of chatbot, if you need help then you’d better have to ask your question here to actually learn why things don’t work (or why they do).

ChatGPT (and any other AI) is good to assist you in doing tasks but it shall never be used to do the work for you. If you’re learning lua-u and Roblox Studio, you should be looking the official documentation Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub and watch tutorials at your rythm.

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i dont want to write code with it i need a AI for my game that i can use to create stuff in the game

I don’t think there’s any good chatbot out there, i’ve already tried to find one to implement ai features in my game but couldn’t find any. You can get free credits on Open AI when you create an account with a new phone number tho. But still, what exactly are you trying to achieve with a Chat bot ?