AI Chatbot in Roblox

This is an AI Chatbot I made using Luiboard’s splendid API, from my experience, it does seem like chatbots are getting smarter!
I have implemented this API in a chat-like game, which uses RemoteEvents to Create, Filter, Send, and Receive Messages. Although this could be vulnerable to exploits, the game relies on PlayerGui, so the best an exploiter can do is create their own messages, which I don’t mind as they are the only ones receiving them.

Feel free to try it out! AI Chatbot - Roblox

Im not the creator of the API, but using this chatbot would lead to many cool and chill games where players would be able to express themselves without worrying about the judgement of a mere mortal human


For a AI chatbot, its really smart.


I think your chat bot is broken

It worked fine at first, then it said this:

Otherwise… great job!

PS: @AdministorFourm the tagged word was probably “meet” not what you’re thinking.


Lol i don’t know xD 30 chars wjdnw

Its intelligent, for a chat bot.
But the chat bot could use some improvements:


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I think if the bot doesn’t know something it will substitute it for “Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hotdogs?” or something like that.

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this AI is too good


Your AI so much wants to know my name:

Otherwise, good job! I guess this is one of the most realistic AI chatbots on Roblox rn