AI Focus Group Request

Hello! I would like an AI focus group since I work on AI and I think AI is going to make or break ROBLOX in the near future! Thanks!

I have some good papers about AI and things like how you can make an AI at home without a supercomputer etc. I would like to share too! I’ll probably share those soon anyway.


Within Roblox or just AI in general?

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AI in ROBLOX specifically. Especially the AI that they use to moderate the game, which has caused people to become automatically banned and deleted on both the site and within the game engine. But making AI zombies and AI place generators and whatever is fun too, so just AI in general. I plan on doing all of this.

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I suggest you change the topic then, right? You are requesting a ROBLOX site feature NOT forum feature. You weren’t entirely detailed about why you want this feature which they will deny it right off the bat.

A focus group for devs to work on AI is a forum feature, not a site feature. Focus groups are something the DevForum has, not something the ROBLOX site has.

You seem to have some vision on what a “focus group” is that nobody else knows. You should review the pinned category guidelines for tips on how to write these kinds of posts.

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Hey there, we want feature requests to describe problems rather than proposed solutions. Also this feature request doesn’t seem to be related to the Developer Forum specifically.

Closing this out for the reasons above. I recommend figuring out what the problem is you want Roblox to solve and posting that in a relevant category in #feature-requests once you gain access to those categories, or posting your problem/question on an AMA thread in the future.