AI Pathfinding Issues

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to develop a pathfinding AI for my zombie game so that solo players aren’t bored and waiting for more players to join. So far it’s working really well besides this one issue

The issue is the zombie AI can’t find a path to me in some areas. I have and example video here:

Here’s another image of it happening while I’m on a cactus:


The AI is unable to create a path to get to the player. I’m unsure why this is happening. I’ve tried adding Path Parameters but I may have used them wrong. I don’t know much about them

Here is the code for my AI



Thank you for the help in advance

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Is the issue always in higher elevations?
If so, you need to enable agentCanJump in agentParameters

It is always in higher elevations. I enabled agentCanJump and the issue was still happening. Did I happen to implement it wrong?

Open studio settings and enable ShowNavigationMesh. If there is no way to those stairs, then try moving the ceiling a bit higher.

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And try to reduce agentRadius and agentHeight in agentParameters


So there was no way to get to the stairs and raising the ceiling, and reducing the parameters actually worked! The issue does still happen with the cactus, but only because they don’t have a way up. I might just lower the height of them for a fix

Glad it worked!
You should play around with the parameters for each creature and figure the best ones.

Of course. Thank you guys for your help!