AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

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“adds more things” isnt a proper excuse to answer his questions

NEW UPDATE V1.20 (Big Update)!!:tada::tada::tada:

What Added & Changed?

    1. :heavy_plus_sign: Improve Your Scripts
      now you can improve your scripts with the new feature you can click the fix button and then you see 2 buttons you can click the fix button and then you see 2 buttons one is to fix your scripts and the two is to improve your scripts!
    1. :heavy_plus_sign: Info Frame
      now you can see what the update changelog any time you want by clicking the info button in the main frame.
    1. :heavy_plus_sign: Starter Chat Info
      now you can see in the chat examples and more when the chat is empty
    1. :pick: UI Changes
    1. :pick: Fixed Bugs

How to Update?

    1. in roblox studio open toolbox
    1. click manage plugins in Tools
    1. find AIB plugin and click update
    1. wait the plugin update and this is all!


Honestly, I think this bot could be better. I think that this could be a great plugin if it wasn’t leveraging the ChatGPT that is out there.
The way I would do it, is to train an AI model on roblox code and how to do certain things. I am currently making a voice assistant in roblox that heavaly leverages AI but all of the models are self-trained by me to create the best experience and compatibility while use.
This plugin could be better in a lot of ways if it had its own trained models instead of leveraging something that already exists.
I am also kind of disappointing that this plugin is using Open AI’s work without much credit in the plugin and that you are making a profit of off Open AI’s hard work, this would be fine if it is a self-trained model but it is not.
This is my honest take, and everything may not be true.

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Roblox’s generative AI feature also kind of removes some of the reasoning to get this plugin. Since Generative AI is most likely going to be free and it is made by roblox and probably is trained better than the AI this plugin uses, it will probably be better.


I agree. Just about to comment this.

I agree with you. I think this plugin is completely useless because ChatGPT is already available for free on any device with web access. The features that are supposedly “suitable for Roblox studio” are probably just additional checks, and the plugin likely snips the ChatGPT out of it and removes it then keeps the code part of it.

As you mentioned, Roblox is already adding AI that will assist developers, especially new ones, in making games or improving them. It’s similar to why someone wouldn’t purchase a modeling software like Maya when Blender is free and better. :person_shrugging:

Overall, the plugin seems unnecessary when there are free alternatives available.


This plugin also doesn’t give much to OpenAI because it is technically using ChatGPT for profit without much credit and this would be fine if the AI backend is self-trained and self-run but it isn’t since it requires an API key from OpenAI.
There is so many ways this plugin could be better if it as self trained and that is also a reason why Siri failed. Siri was great when it released but however it’s AI backend wasn’t trained by Apple and apple made it do things the original AI model wasn’t designed to do hence why it was pretty bad when it released.

If I’m going to be honest, this is one of the most useless plugins I have seen for the past month or so.
I literally don’t see a progressive, educational use for this plugin as you are quite literally learning nothing at all about Luau, how it works, how to write in it, ect. It would be a lot more beneficial to just learn how to code yourself rather than having ChatGPT do it for you.

Cool creation though I suppose?

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AIB isn’t really a “Creation” as its rather an add-on to an existing system or tool. While ChatGPT can be helpful in many ways, AIB has big time limitations, such as removing proper guidance or instruction on how it works. Unlike ChatGPT, AIB was made to NOT include comments or explanations, which can hinder the user’s ability to understand or improve upon the learning process of learning how to code in LuaU.

you can learn how it works look at the video

W Update

Sorry for no respond I was busy

I also really cant wait for the next update,
it’s gonna be good.

No, there is a difference. This plugin only says what the code does, it doesn’t teach step by step what each meaning of it does. AIB doesn’t provide instruction it just tells yu how it works. ChatGPT tells you what each part of the code means like game.Players means all of the players and :FindFirstChild() looks for a certain object in that. ChatGPT explains each part of the code. And AIB doesn’t it only tells you what it does and that doesn’t really teach you much.

If someone doesn’t know what it is, they also don’t know how to install a plugin

What an insane assumption, I’ve known how to build in studio to an good enough standard for years - with the help of plugins. I have only just recently in the past year or so got into the programming side of roblox…