AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

I don’t understand that someone not understanding some parts of lua has any similarity in knowing how to install a plugin. Installing a plugin is something anyone can do because roblox purposefully made it really easy for anyone to find out. And anyone can google how to install one. I did not mention anything about “not knowing what it is.” I mentioned how AIB isn’t good for explaining how code works because AIB only says what the code does.

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I really love this plugin

I cant wait for update today

I think you are just an alt trying to make this plugin look better than it actually is. Because you said before that you “don’t like this plugin” and now you “love it”, doesn’t make much sense to say. This account is ignoring everything everyone is saying about it and is just spamming random stuff. This account has to be alt and it makes sense why others called it that.

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Because the updates, it’s kinda good not even lying lol

Plus he’s doing my update idea’s.

Also I speak fricking english im not some weirdo lol

Could you please give me a reason why I should pay robux for something I can get for free?

So that makes the plugin good?

Why did you feel like you had to say this?

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^ using this video as proof

So you speak english?
Well, how about the fact that you keep telling people to fix their grammar while you’re the one that can’t use it correctly.

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¿Por qué diablos se paga este complemento? ¿Puedes hacerlo gratis? o seguirás siendo un mal vendedor inútil? (lo siento, pero por favor hazlo gratis)

English: why the heck is this plugin paid? can you make it free? or you will be still a useless bad seller? (sorry but please make it free)

Because this plugin has more features then ChatGPT. This plugin is pretty cool too!

Yeah, he listen’s to peoples idea’s.

uh idk lol

y porque no me puedes responder? ¿Estabas ocupado? Solo quería que fuera gratis para poder probarlo y que me guste.

and why can’t you reply to me? were you busy? i just wanted it to be free so i can test it and like it.

This plugin just runs directly off of ChatGPT. You can do the same features nline for free by simply adding to the beginning Improve my Script: and How does my Script work:. Because all this plugin does is only have the code snippets of ChatGPT and implement things that only add to the beginning of queries, all of the features can be replicated on the web version of ChatGPT.

Spoosty, there’s a new cooler script generator, if you want to try it, Click here

Curious by the way, if you’re using ChatGPT - what do you do in situations like this.

It worked for me though, I think ChatGPT categorized it wrong:
I did say instead “script me an reactor meltdown animation in roblox”, so I think you should add “animation” in situations like that.

This does look a bit sketchy to me because it is a new account that has almost no achievements.

Also what do you do about any mistakes raised by ChatGPT, someone who would use this plugin most likley will not have a totally amazing view of luau therefore would be a little more stuck if something goes wrong. Further making my point of this plugin uneducational or progressive true.

you should buy the plugin for yourself before yelling things like “oNG thiS pluGiN iS SO GooD”
i checked your inventory and you dont have it, so you’re just blind supporting this goofy plugin that you can just use smth for free

i honestly doubt you’re 13+ or you’re just having severe dementia
do not try to attack me, you got ratio’d by a random video i posted last time

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I do have it in my vircumit plugins. those plugins dont show in your inventory.

that isnt even a word, noun, verb, etc

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Roblox studio it is, it is a plugin that are on other tabs, for example: The color option is actually a vircumit plugin because it is on the home tab and is a plugin. Aib is one to! It can be reached in home :slight_smile: Make sure to turn on the permission thing before doing that though.

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Honestly, I think your plugin is a really cool idea. The fact that it extends beyond scripts and is able to interact with the explorer is really cool! Some people have mentioned learning to create neural networks and training your own AI, that way you have more control and it would be more specialized, but I understand given that writing AI is hard, and writing good AI is even harder at the current state of technology unless you are a very big corporation. Even ChatGPT isn’t that good when you compare certain aspects, and it’s one of, if not THE best chat-based AI atm.

But I think your plugin lacks one important thing:

I think you could definitely better advertise the features of your plugin and try to make a few things better. For example, the English is very broken. This is understandable for someone who doesn’t speak English, but presentation is very important for any product. I encourage you to invest in a translator to improve the text in the plugin that way it’s more presentable. I understand that English is difficult and that isn’t your fault, but people like it when things are nice and pretty and that plays into their critique of your plugin.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that people don’t want to pay a dollar for a product that pipes their output into another AI that they do have to pay for separately. OpenAI’s Davinci model costs real money ($0.02 per request). I don’t think people want to pay 145 R$ only then to subscribe to another subscription with OpenAI. I’m not sure there is much you can do about this but what I would do is make it more clear in the title of your post and plugin that this is a tool that works with OpenAI, rather than being its own separate thing. I don’t want to undermine your efforts either, but I would reduce the price a tad little bit, maybe reduction by 20-25 Robux? If you disagree, that’s fine. It’s your product, your work, your price.

That’s all my opinions for the moment. I might come back and add more later.

Great job, and good luck!

EDIT: Clarification on reduction

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