AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

You see he was going to, but the minimum plugin is 100 robux

“minimum?” he put 45 robux over the minimum price :skull:. he even lies about the plugin

And you can use Roblox’s new upcoming feature with AI soon.

I think it will take a long time and I also think it will cost money



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why would it cost money exactly? it’s not a plugin. Though there may or may not be restrictions to who can use it. And, I understand why it’s paid as there are more “features”, but as it stands, it’s still ChatGPT, there’s no modifications to the AI overall, other than shortening the prompt to a certain degree. If you are actually modifying the AI to make in better in one way or another, then it’ll even be understandable to even put R$1000 as the price. This more or less goes for most plugins that’s trying to feed off ChatGPT. This does not mean that you should stop working on it, if you put effort into something, continue to improve it.

Using microphone input with a plugin is possible as I have done before while making a voice assistant plugin. But it does require a fairly unknown way of input that I am keeping to myself. This method is hard to implement and I have. In the future, I will release an AI powered plugin that does not require an OpenAI api key because the AI used in the plugin is self trained by me that does have this feature.

Currently typing this on my phone :upside_down_face:

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wth is wrong with you.

First of all I sleep (IK everyone) and also it should be free anyway. I have to buy this product to get the Bad UI then pay for chat GTP (Which you can get for free :skull: ) and also don’t put this product for > 100 robux. I won’t pay for a plugin like this. You should make it free instead of adding useless updates that your alt will go ‘OMG THIS IS BEST PDATE AN SO GOOD I WILL LOVE THIS WHEN IT’s OUT’ even though they don’t own the plugin.


Even the owner won’t pay for this :skull:

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Oh okay, i don’t really know what sometimes he say but it is a fun project and is used to make him lots of robux all of this commotion is getting him so popular but I just wanted to say that he is not english 100% and from what i see it look like it has short term memeory but i broguth the plugin and i enjoy it

as a nooby scripter i don’t know what has changed in the new Improve when i improve the script has improved but i don’t know what has changed or what it did to improve

Go to:
It is 100% free version of this plugin and the website has more features. THat is what everyone is on about.

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Nobody on this post knows how to give constructive criticism, just arguing. Instead of pointing out everything he did wrong, give some ideas that could make it better. It’s sad this is what the devforum has become.


Following up to what I said, I implemented a little demo of it:


You Should add, GUI Customization, or color themes, an ability to automatically transfer script to this area depending on if its a local or serverscript, it sends the local script to starterplayerScripts, API Keys save

Hey everyone! I think that this plugin is an interesting project. I think that it is useful to some people and not to others. However if you do not think that thee plugin is useful, I would encourage you to stay quiet. There is no reason to put other people down just because you dont like it. @WHYI_MFAT I think you should keep up the good work with your plugin. Don’t pay attention to the downers and focus on your vision.

you can’t tell them to “stay quiet” who are you? a dictator? :rofl:

This is almost a perfect example of what’s wrong with this forum.

Then again, you shouldn’t tell anyone to be quiet on a public forum. Everyone has the right to an opinion.

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There is no reason to talk if you are not saying something that is constructive. There is so much negative feedback on this post.

I see that there is a little fight going on here,

There seems to be a little underage troll on the forum who just starts pointless fights and tries to start an easy argument. But the truth is that this AI bot is connected to ChatGPT API, and it is not worth paying 150 robux for this thing.